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Música Eugenia


Acoustical music from Elizabethan England &

the Spanish Renaissance; original art songs in English & Spanish--and more.                                   ...from Eugene, Oregon.

Música acústica del Renacimiento inglés y

del Siglo de Oro español, además canciones artísticas (en inglés y castellano).  Somos de la ciudad, Eugene, Oregon (EEUU)

Alice Davenport                                                    vocals & percussion                                      

Alice is an avocational vocalist who loves exploring the possibilities and delights of Early Music. She is especially drawn to sixteenth-century vocal music from the English Renaissance and from Spain’s Golden Age.   Her repertoire also includes Spanish art songs from the 1800s and 1900s, which she performs with classical guitarist Peter Thomas.  In addition, Peter and Alice have created a number of original song compositions (in both English and in Spanish).  Alice took up singing on a serious basis a few years ago, after her retirement from the Foreign Service.    

Mark Dean –                                                    vocals

Mark is a semi-retired psychoanalyst who came to singing late in life.  In recent years, he has sung with the Eugene Concert Choir and the Eugene Opera Chorus.  From Freud he learned that poets and artists have much to offer towards an understanding of the human soul.  Mark believes that sharing poetic language and musical notes with an audience is a way to share your own soul--the most satisfying part of story-telling.  Mark grew up in New Orleans, the son of musicians, and he loves traditional jazz as well as early classical music.

Peter Thomas                                       classical guitar; period guitar         

Peter has been active as a classical guitarist, teacher, and composer for well over forty years. He has performed numerous solo classical guitar concerts and has worked extensively with ensembles of flute, violin, cello,  percussion, and classical guitar, specializing in classical  guitar and flute duos. Peter has released two solo guitar  recordings—Tradition Imagination and Confluence. He frequently performs his own original compositions for classical guitar; and he has created distinctive guitar accompaniments for many of the vocals performed by Música Eugenia. 


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Raleigh Williams (1928-2019)                               lute, vihuela, recorder, and viol—and an occasional vocal

Founding member of  Música Eugenia

Raleigh sang and played Early Music, on a semi-professional basis, for over sixty years.  In addition, Raleigh researched the construction of early instruments and built most of instruments he played in concerts.  Raleigh’s greatest musical loves were compositions from the English Renaissance, but he was also well versed in early French and Italian music. After helping to found Música Eugenia, Raleigh began playing the vihuela to perform early Spanish music.  Raleigh Williams was a retired college mathematics teacher (University of Wisconsin) and a former Air Force pilot.

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